When One More Chance Would Make the Difference

Neighbors not strangers. This is the principle that Seven Chances operates under; we can care best for those we know, rather than those we know of. There are thousands of organizations who help people according to strictly-defined and properly-controlled criteria, yet many people fall outside these organizational sources of assistance because of their inability to meet every standard or because their needs exceed time or financial limits. This is where we can be of help and when we may step in - and how people go from being strangers to being friends and family.

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  • a Tribute to Seven Chance's Volunteers

  • Our seven year old daughter Annie was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare mitochondrial disease that has robbed her of most of her eyesight and hearing, has caused muscle weakness, severe kidney problems and numerous other medical issues. As you may imagine, this diagnosis was devastating to me, my husband and Annie's three sisters. When your child is severely ill, it feels as if the entire world has come to a stop and nothing else is important.

    Seven Chances, Inc. presented our little Annie with a beautiful special needs stroller, [one] not covered by insurance, that provides comfort for Annie and ease of movement for the rest of our family. Annie tires quickly and this often hinders what our family can do together. We now have the freedom to go places and Annie has a cozy place to rest or sleep.

    Once you are associated with this incredible group, you are touched forever by the kind and caring members. We have seen first-hand unbelievable things that have been accomplished and we have personally experienced the HUGE difference they have made in the eyes of a sick child and her family. Thank you Seven Chances, Inc.

    The Leeds Family

    Sean, Libby, Maggie, Elise, Annie and Katie

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