Randy: Family endured a house fire

The family was faced with a tragic and unforeseen house fire, where all of their possessions were destroyed. They did not have insurance and lost not only their home but everything that constituted their lives. Our volunteers were able to identify their most vital needs and provide the most necessary items which included a bed, dresser, clothing, bedding, curtains, and kitchenware.

Gary: Buffalo Police Officer victimized by a drunk driver

An off-duty Buffalo police officer who was struck by a drunk driver was temporarily paralyzed and lost all of his pay and benefits. While he was still in the the intensive care unit, Seven chances was able to hold a fundraiser toward paying down some bills, and allowing for a lessening of the distractions that threatened his attention toward recuperation.

“Your donation to Gary is very much appreciated. Thank you for all your help!”

Mike - Brother of Gary

Annie: Battling Rare Disease

Annie is a 8-year old girl, who is confronting a rare diagnosis; a deletion in her mitochondrial DNA. She has faced many complications due to her disease, including significant compromise to her vision, as she is now legally blind, as well as loss of hearing. Additionally, Annie has Renal Fanconi Syndrome, which requires her family to keep her hydrated by an I.V. for 10-14 hours each day. With a multitude of life threatening issues, Annie’s father was forced to quit his job in order to care for her, which makes paying for some equipment—a specialized stroller and other life-enhancing essentials—that are not covered by outside agencies nearly impossible. Seven Chances regularly conducts fundraisers to assist the family in their care of Annie.

James: Struggling United States Army Veteran

James is a United States Army veteran, who proudly served our country in Iraq. Upon his arrival back to the United States he faced some unforeseen struggles with adjusting back into the everyday life. Seven Chances, was there to assist James in overcoming some of those struggles and putting him back on his feet. Seven Chances was able to pay two months of overdue rent as well as monies owed to the electric company in order to provide James and his young son some needed relief.

Pearl: Unsafe Living Conditions

Pearl's situation consisted of a water pipe bursting and sending water pouring down from the second floor of her home all the way down to her basement. After the water had subsided Pearl's bathroom was left in an unsafe condition, with the wood behind the tiles rotting and holes in the ceiling. Seven Chances stepped in to assist Pearl, as she was unable to personally afford or obtain outside funding in order to fix her bathroom. As an end result Seven Chances replaced the bathtub, walls, and installed a new floor. Pearl’s bathroom is now safe for her use, and she has returned to normal living conditions.

Matt: Young Pompeii-Disease Fighter

Matt is a 19-year-old young man who suffers from Pompeii disease, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Each day Matt and his mother were faced with the struggle of Matt taking a shower/bath. Each day his mom had to remove Matt’s clothing and pick him up and place him into the bathtub, as well as take him out. This was extraordinary care but extremely physically taxing on all, and emotionally demanding for maturing Matt. Seven Chances stepped in and raised the funds to have a customize shower installed into their home. This shower had a small door which allowed Matt to move freely into and out of the bathtub independently, providing a sense of dignity and pride.

"Thanks for stopping over and visiting us! We can not say Thank you enough for the Beautiful Bathtub that you put in for Matt!!!!”

Deb - Mother of Matt

Heidi: Garage Cleanout for Family in East Aurora

Heidi has five high-needs children that require constant around the clock care and supervision. While a simple task for most families, getting the children into the car proved to be a difficult endeavor. Heidi was faced with a mound of clutter in her garage and with winter approaching she needed a clear and safe place to assist her kids into the car. Seven Chances uncovered this situation while working with Sophie's Club and decided to step in and clean the garage. The garage had over 250 paint cans along with other odds and ends, that made parking impossible. After the clean out, Heidi’s garage is now a safe environment with sufficient room for her car, allowing her to transport each of her children into the vehicle.

“A Huge THANK YOU to Seven Chances and all of the volunteers in East Aurora. They were fantastic and got a lot done. Mission Accomplished. Everyone is extremely pleased. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!! You are Great!.“

Karen - Friend of Heidi

Women and Children’s Hospital of WNY

Seven Chances helped fill a need for the inpatient children. Seven Chances made a donation of 500 mittens, 50 gloves and 50 scarves for the children of the hospital.

City Mission of Buffalo

Seven Chances worked with the city mission to provide basic needs and goods for them to house at their downtown Buffalo facility. Seven Chances purchased toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower items, soap, razors, and baby care items.

Hearts for the Homeless

Seven Chances partnered with Hearts for the Homeless twice during the cold winter here in WNY. Volunteers went to downtown Buffalo on two separate occasions providing the homeless individuals with a Boston Market Thanksgiving Dinner, a blanket, pair of winter gloves, winter hat, socks, scarves, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant.

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