Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in (Marjorie Moore).

Volunteerism is the core of Seven Chances. It's how we take a handful of separate pieces Ė people who need help, people who want to help Ė and bring them together to create solutions. Despite the way itís sometimes portrayed, volunteering isnít a passive experience, where one person gives of their time and then goes home. Volunteering helps people grow in some surprising ways, from development and enhancement of career skills, experience in problem solving, and a deeper understanding of social and political issues, to simpler things like an appreciation of their own lives or the joy of helping others and improving their situation.

Seven Chances also emphasizes volunteerism because we believe itís central to our missionís success. Hope, action, and positive outcomes are the results of help freely given. This creates long-lasting partnerships. The relationships between Seven Chances and our beneficiaries are true partnerships in every sense; there are sometimes setbacks and additional challenges, but there are always breakthroughs that make helping someone an incredibly rewarding journey. Rather than trying to formulate a miracle solution, our goal is to assist our beneficiaries in getting back on their feet so that they may develop the resources they need to move forward on their own.

Ultimately, we believe that volunteers are the best resource any organization can ask for. Unlike money or goods, their value never changes, they never expire, and their ability to implement change is never decreased. We are always looking for more volunteers Ė if you are interested in joining us, or know of any clubs or organizations that would be willing to give their time, please visit our Get Involved page, or contact us at info@sevenchances.org.

Seven Chances, Inc., is a registered 501(c)3 located at 5360 Genesee St., Suite 210, Bowmansville, NY 14026.
Interested volunteers and beneficiaries can contact us at (716) 689-0777, info@sevenchances.org, or at our
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